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When we think of energy, we tend to think of companies and oil giants such as ExxonMobil or BP. As much as we can generalize our views to those corporations, we also need to consider the alternatives solutions, such as green energy.

Throughout the past decade, green energy (clean energy) has exploded as one of the world’s most innovative sectors. Much of this can be attributed to the broad and bewildering array of new companies and technology that these clean-energy startups are hitting within the market. Their innovative products and advanced technological services have radically altered how we think and consume power. While, the growth itself has been astronomical, entering into the energy sector, especially with green energy, can be quite challenging.

The main reason why this is difficult is that it takes a lot of money, time, and research to tap the energy sector. According to the Center of American Progress, nearly $50 billion+ of the federal stimulus package went to the renewable energy industry. In fact, President Barack Obama had addressed in his 2011 State of the Union that 80 percent of America’s energy will be supplied by clean and renewable resources by 2035. While that is all-good and said, the actual act of making this vision as a tangible reality is often quite difficult, especially for a constantly demanding and ever-evolving market.

So how do you breach the green energy sector? How do you change the mentality of millions of people to something that is just an idea?

The first step is simply educating the market. For years, the government and the science community have done an incredible job in vocalizing the problems with earth’s limited resources. This in-turn has allowed many companies and many entrepreneurs to explore the field of green and sustainable energy. While money of course plays a large indicating factor of the success of a business, it has become clear that from both local and national stand points that the public are looking to go green.

Still even with the support, there is of course of the biggest barriers that have prevented many companies from moving forward. One of them is that you need to be knowledgably of electricity. Having the incentives and motivations to work for a greener solution is fantastic. But if you do not have any experiences or prior knowledge of electricity, this can often lead to a large roadblock and an even larger learning curve for you to be successful in reaching your goals.

The last, and probably most problematic hurdle you need to understand is that renewable energy and renewable technology is still a growing field. The field and research continues to grow year after year. While there have been significant movements of green technology since the 1960s, we are still many years away from making that 2035 dream a possibility.

Now I am not saying it cannot be done. Nothing is impossible unless you think it is. What you need to understand is that you need to be realistic about the situation. From financial cost to operational changes, you need to find a way where your product or service can benefit your company and your customers. To start off, see what is out there. There have been significant movements within clean energy. Some of them are the follow: geothermal energy, hydropower energy, solar energy, thermal energy, wave power energy, wind energy, etc. See what each company are doing and what you can do to make it better. As for financial capital, try reaching out to bigger and larger businesses to fund your projects. Take a look how certain U.S. agencies can help fund your business. Last but not least, go with the changes. Read, learn, and adapt to anything new on the market.