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About Spencer Dulal-Whiteway

Spencer Dulal-Whiteway has built his career around improving efficiency, order, and automation within multiple industries. A Trinidad native, he began his career at W.C. Roese a Company in Naples, Florida in 1997. He managed the operations and power production arm of the company, making sure it ran smoothly as it executed major projects for companies such as Sprint and BellSouth. Because of the lack of computerization at the time, Spencer used his innovative spirit to revamp existing methods for inventory control and create whole new systems.

In 2000 Spencer Dulal-Whiteway made his move to New York, where he has been ever since. He first worked at TD Waterhouse on Wall Street, stockbroking and directing reps in customer service. Then he acted as consultant during the 2000/2001 Bloomberg campaign and really began his career in streamlining and improving company-wide procedures. He implemented a system from scratch which analyzed people’s potential voting preferences based on their demographics. This precise type of data parsing was rare at the time, and Spencer was inspired to explore this niche more.


Spencer Dulal-Whiteway began a new role as a senior data analyst at Donlin Recano & Co., a bankruptcy firm. He immersed himself in personal and corporate finance and bankruptcy, increased automation within the firm, and created a programming niche that hadn’t existed before. Inspired by his exposure to the firm, he decided to further his official education and went to Columbia University, graduating in 2006.

Now, Spencer is an efficiency expert who continues to build his extensive experience in automation. His career experience in economics, as well as his academic focus on it, guided him toward this path. He prefers to help existing companies and revamp their systems and ways of thinking. Spencer Dulal-Whiteway believes in the power and “social responsibility” of  helping others and improving our world, and he does that through his current role within Innovative Transit Solutions.

Innovative Transit Solutions does contracting with New York City’s MTA and provides consulting on how the transit system can be improved. Spencer Dulal-Whiteway researches and presents analytics about how people flow through various forms of public transit, and he determines the smartest geographic and cultural areas to raise tolls, eliminate congestion, or redistribute traffic. The enterprise is more relevant now than ever as we increasingly focus on going green and being environmentally friendly. Innovative Transit Solutions has jumped from making $700,000 to $1.7 million in just two years.

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